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AwesomatixUSA A12 US Spec 1/12th Scale Kit

This innovate platform has done the world tour in 2020 winning 13.5 1/12th at Snowbird Nationals and being featured in many A-finals throughout the World. The US Spec includes two major changes over the base A12 Kit to allow the racer to configure the car with various AwesomatixUSA Suspension Plates (available for purchase separably) that can shorten the wheelbase as much as 7mm shorter.


  1. CNC milled AM1203 Battery Plate to AwesomatixUSA specifications
  2. CNC milled AM1204 Chassis Plate to AwesomatixUSA specifications


More info on the AwesomatixUSA Suspension Plates : http://www.awesomatixusa.com/2021/10/optional-a12-suspension-plates-by.html

More info on the A12: http://www.awesomatixusa.com/2020/09/awesomatix-a12-112th-scale-electronic.html

First shipment expected the week of November 11th 2021.