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Maclan Graphene 4S Carbon 120C Race Formula LiPo Battery (15.2V/6000mAh) w/5mm Bullets - 6008

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SKU: MCL6008

Race Formula Graphene Battery

This is the Maclan LCG Graphene 4S Carbon 120C Race Formula LiPo Battery with 6000mAh of capacity. The Maclan Racing Race Formula Graphene battery is the latest 2018 chemistry that provides lower weight with better discharge curves. The new Graphene 120C LiPo batteries are the one in the evolution of LiPo battery technology. It offers lower operating temperatures, lower internal resistance, better run time, increased cycle life and voltage!


  • Optimized capacities for 2WD/4WD on road and off road racing
  • 2018 chemistry for better power to weight ratio
  • 5mm bullet type connectors for maximum power throughput
  • 10C maximum charge rate, 3C charge rate recommended for the longest life span
  • 15.2V (4S) nominal voltage
Battery Type: 
HV LCG 4S Stick Pack
Voltage: 15.2V nominal
Capacity @ 15.2V: 6000mAh
Dimensions: 138x47x48.2mm
Weight: 530±5g
Connector Type: 5mm + 4S balance port
Maximum Charge Rate: 10C (Recommend 3C for the best life span)
Maximum Discharge Rate: 120C
ROAR Approval: Yes