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Choice of 12 V to 18 V DC input or LIPO 4 S external or INTERNAL!!!!! Yes My Pit Space has planned space in the case to accommodate a small LiPo 4 S 850 mah which allows to function to make between 50 and 100 welds with charging.


- Numeric temperature control
- Calibration mode.
- BOOST mode for extra temperature.
- Sleep mode with adjustable delay.
- Shut-off mode with adjustable delay.
- LiPo guard alarm buzzer with adjustable voltage.
- OLED display with set and actual temperature of the tip.
- Display percentage of power use.
- Display of the input DC voltage of internal or external LiPo or 12VDC input.
- Aluminum enclosure.
- Compact stand for the iron.
- Brass ball tip cleaner in a reclosable tin can.
- Power cord with XT-60 connector.
- T12-D4 tip.

MPS-T12V Soldering iron
Power cable with XT-60 connector
Tip cleaner brass wool with reclosable lid
Mini stand