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OfficinaRC - Rich Heavy Screw Tungsten Copper KIT for Awesomatix A800MMX (21) - OFC-HSCRCA800MMX

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Rich e Millionaire Chassis screw Kit for Awesomatix A800. Officina is pleased to present two Screw kits dedicated to the A800 Awesomatix. OfficinaRC Screws are in Tungsten / Chopper and are made to add and lower the weight to the maximum. OfficinaRC screws are made in Italy

Rich Screw Kit Lower Deck


The officinaRC essential kit. This kit is composed by 13 3x5 screws and 8 3x6 ones.

  • The 13 3x5 screws replace the original ones for fixing the Bulkheads and the motor mount.
  • The 8 3x6 are used for fixing the arms.

OfficinaRC screws are made in Italy.