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RC Rebellion - Type-C MM Crossflex Chassis Brass inserts - RRCMM-ACFTC

Type-C MM Crossflex Brass Inserts (12pcs)

-Awesomatix MMX Crossflex V2

Weight of Chassis:
Crossflex: ...g
Crossflex + Brass inserts: ...g
(Brass inserts ...g)

The function-patent for our all new Crossflex Chassis is already pending.
The idea was to become able to adjust the weight-balance as well as the flex individually with every insert by using different fixing-positions without the need of changing the whole chassis (which is always hard front/rear or soft front/rear, but not hard front / soft rear)
if fix the brass inserts on an axle 90° to driving direction it almost doesn´t have any influence to the flex, if also fix the other positions over cross the inserts decrease the flex (=> Crossflex) 

All the needed screws (45pcs) and shims (20pcs) are included, recommended Screwdriver you find in our Shop, 1.5mm tip