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XRAY XB8E 2020 Spec Luxury 1/8 Electric Off-Road Buggy Kit - 350157

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The XRAY XB8E 2020 Spec Luxury 1/8 Electric Off-Road Buggy Kit is an evolved version of the popular 2019 Electric Buggy. XRAY has incorporated the latest upgrades and refinements to deliver a race-proven vehicle, capable of contending in the highest competition races around the world.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German & Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's legendary attention to detail by their artistic production specialists. The XB8 is truly a masterpiece.  

NOTE: Painted body, wheels, tires, engine, exhaust and electronics shown in photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not included. See needed to complete list below for a full list of items required to complete the model. 

  • Updated longer chassis +4mm for improved stability and easier to drive handling
  • Redesigned front shock tower with two rows of shock mounting positions with new lower shock positions for tracks requiring higher corner speed and more stability 
  • Updated roll center position on front shock tower to extend set-up possibilities
  • Longer central driveshaft to accommodate the longer chassis
  • Upgraded grease lubricated bearings for pinion gears and diffs for increased reliability and lifetime
  • Completely redesigned IFMAR legal rear wing increases stability in all traction conditions
  • Now front and rear differential are same for easier maintenance and servicing
  • Upgraded shock bodies for new composite shims with improved shock shaft movement
  • Now included 4-strip front shock springs for more stable front of the car
  • Larger spur gear for improved acceleration
  • Now included +2mm offset wheel axles
Chassis length: 
Approximate running weight: 

Needed To Complete:
  • 2-Channel Radio System
  • (1) Steering Servo  
  • 1/8 Scale Electronic Speed Control
  • 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor
  • Mod1 Pitch Pinion Gear  
  • 4S LiPo Battery Pack (or two 2S LiPos)  
  • Compatible Battery Charger
  • Tires, Inserts & CA Tire Glue
  • Polycarbonate Paint (for body)