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Mugen Big Bore Rear Damper Spring Set. Mugen's 1.4mm shock springs help to reduce the car-roll and pitching generated by steering and throttle input compared to the previous 1.5 and 1.6 springs. This helps to keep the car flatter in the air and more stable on bumpy tracks. Smaller diameter wire also creates a lighter spring with a lower turn count than springs made with larger diameter wire.

These 8.0 turn 85mm springs are compatible with the full range of MBX7 vehicles equipped with 16mm shocks, but see the chart below for a full list of spring rates, and recommended applications.


Effects of Shock Spring Changes
 Shock Spring  Characteristic
  • Increased Chassis Roll
  • Increased Traction
  • Better in Bumpy Conditions
  • More Likely to Bottom Out
  • Decreased Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Traction
  • Increased Responsiveness


    Mugen 1.4 chart