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RC Maker - GeoCarbon HRP Low -3mm Rear Shock Tower - XRAY T4'21 - RCM-T420-RSTL-HRP

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Introducing the new GeoCarbon Adjustable HRP (Horizontal Rear Posts) Rear Shock Tower for the XRAY T4’20!

Dual Sided GeoCarbon finished shock towers are 3mm thick with a re-designed profile to introduce a marginal amount of flex, giving the car more traction, which is of course very often highly favorable for all asphalt racing, as well as low-medium traction carpet tracks!

This shock tower is different, in that it faces the rear body posts backwards instead of forwards to secure the body from the rear panel. This lowers the centre of gravity, and also supports the most rearward point of the body to more effectively distribute the downforce provided by the wing. It also prevents the rear of the body from “rocking” left and right, as it normally can when using a conventional setup.

In order to allow for up and down adjustment to set body heigh and rake, we have 1.5mm staggered holes in the tower to be able to move the body posts up and down. We suggest beginning from the centre hole, and moving upwards or downwards if required once the body is mounted.


  • Direct fit onto the XRAY T4’20 – Low Arm Mount (-3mm)
  • Angles rear body posts horizontally for rearward mounting
  • Adjustable body height with 1.5mm staggered holes
  • Lowers the centre of gravity and Increases body stability in rear
  • Re-designed profile for increased flex
  • Precision CNC cut from high quality 3mm 3K Gloss carbon fibre
  • Double Sided GeoCarbon Finish
  • Designed and manufactured 100% in Australia