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Reducing external factors on chassis flex has always been our mission. Chassis flex is one of the most important and sensitive tuning options today, and thats why we strongly believe we must take all measures to reduce the impact that our electronics may have on chassis flex. The battery is roughly 300g, with a fully flat base contacting the chassis. This, even though it may be loose on the car, will have a detrimental impact on chassis flex. 

Our new brass battery holders float your battery off the deck, and drastically reduce the impact the battery has on the flex of your chassis. They mount to all of the Awesomatix Model Battery Mounts, both factory and aftermarket. As well as Xray T4 Models (with optional, non-plastic) battery mounts. 

When using LCG Batteries, they also integrate with our Brass Battery Weight Plate to give you an ultra LCG, weighty option to get your car low, balanced and up to minimum weight! Check them out here

Floating Battery Mount Features:

  • CNC Machined in Australia, from high quality 2mm Brass
  • Laser engraved RC MAKER Logo
  • Direct mounts under existing optional, non-plastic Xray brand or Aftermarket Battery Hooks/Mounts on Xray T4 '17-'20 chassis
  • Direct mounts under all Awesomatix A800 Model Battery Hooks
  • Integrates with our new LCG Brass Weight Plate (33g) for LCG Batteries
  • Tested and used by some of the fastest drivers in the world