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Arrowmax BB DJC Set for XRAY T4 - 52mm (2) - 010060

SKU: AM-010060

Arrowmax BB DJC Set for XRAY T4 - 52mm (2) AM-010060

BB DJC Set For Xray T4 - 52MM (2)

Arrowmax introduce their new ball-bearing ‘BB’ DJC driveshafts. The double jointed driveshaft provides high performance characteristics over standard blade-type driveshafts. Featuring ball-bearings in the drive cups, the pin slides in perfectly to reduce free-play and thus increases longevity. The reduced friction also helps to increase acceleration and cornering speed. Available for the Xray T4 (52mm & 53mm), the Yokomo BD10 and Serpent X20 they come in a set and drive cups will be included.