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Awesomatix - GD - A12 Gear Diff Set - Option Part


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The Awesomatix A12 Gear Diff is specially designed for the use in the Awesomatix A12 1/12 Scale Pan Car. With the 1/4" main shaft, this Gear Diff is also suitable for most other brand 1/12 Scale Pan Car's. This Diff is suitable for standard TC and 1/12 spur gears of many brands. The overall weight is class leading with only 21g. to ensure the best performance on the track.

Instruction Manual here.

  • 1x ST1217
  • 1x ST1218
  • 1x ST1231
  • 1x ST1232
  • 1x AT1219
  • 1x AT1223
  • 1x AT1224
  • 2x B85
  • 4x WA02
  • 1x PIN2X9.8
  • 1x SH5X7X0.1
  • 1x P39
  • 4x G07 
  • 2x G08-3.95
  • 1x OR13V
  • 2x OR155V 
  • 1x OR915 
  • 1x OR21
  • 3x SC25X5