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Bittydesign Michelangelo Dual Action Bottle Feed Airbrush


The Bittydesign Michelangelo Dual Action Bottle Feed Airbrush features a threadless 0.4mm nozzle designed for easy removal and maintenance. The "dual action" trigger allows precision control the air and color flow - press down to control the air supply, and pull back to control the color. Used in the Bittydesign paint shop, the Michelangelo has been put through intense daily use as a production tool, and has proven reliable and efficient. The quick coupling of the paint bottle saves time when changing colors and avoids wasting paint, and 35cc volume holds a large amount of paint allowing large area coverage. 


  • "Dual Action" Trigger for Independent Air and Paint Control
  • Bottle Feed Design
  • Threadless 0.4mm Nozzle Design for Easy Removal and Maintenance
  • Proven in the Bittydesign paint shop
  • Quick Coupling Paint Bottle
Nozzle: 0.4mm thread-free
Air Pressure Range: 15~50PSI (1~3,5 bar)
Bottle Capacity: 35cc