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CRC - WGT-200R – 1/10th scale road racing car kit - 1811


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SKU: CLN1811

World GT-R racing - affordable, close, competitive racing. Tires last for multiple seasons and the race cars look authentic and scale, it is a great class. From the company that invented World GT-R; a new 1/10th scale, 200 mm wide car kit for rubber tire racing, the new WGT-200R. The 200R is a further refinement from the original multi-National Championship winning Gen-X10 RT car from CRC.

New on the 200R is CRC's "AR" (adjustable roll-center) center rear pivot. This pivot allows the user to tune the rear suspension to meet the track conditions. Raise the pivot for more cut, edginess and steering response. Lower the pivot for more stability and driver comfort. All the while being durable, affordable with no free play or slop.

Also featured on the 200R is a new chassis designed to be more rigid. Key areas are filled in and the geometry makes for a stiffer platform. This new chassis is also drilled for the optional carbon side braces #3369. These brace add further to the stiffness. And the new 200R chassis will also be a multi-use part, also featured on the 200F foam tire car as well as the new 235. So, look for more CRC 1/10th cars building off this platform.

Another refinement on the 200R is the 3-bolt rear top brace. The 3rd fastening point provides a more secure and flex-free mount for the critical pod area. The car also has a rear pod brace that accepts a 30 mm motor cooling fan. Simply bolt the fan to the carbon brace and hook it up the electronics for a cool motor.

Don't pay more, just win more! In this day of rising prices and inflation, Calandra Racing Concepts HOLD the same price as the car it replaces. Yes, while everything is going up in price, CRC knows that this hobby is not only about winning championships, but also a great way to have family fun and recreation. CRC's $249 dollar price from 2017 still hold true to today's latest championship winning WGT-200R. And what championship has the 200R already won? The new car from CRC won the 2022 U.S. Indoor Championship in Cleveland Ohio in it's debut event.