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The XRAY T4 2019 Graphite + Brass Fully Adjustable Battery Holder is a fully adjustable brass battery holder option for the T4 2019 and T4F that allows battery adjustment in all directions - front/rear and also left/right. The adjustable battery holder allows for easy and comfortable weight transfer adjustment. The front/rear weight balance can be adjusted in 4mm range. The brass material adds an extra 7.5g of weight for improved weight balance adjustment of the battery side of the chassis. 
The battery holders allow the battery tape to be installed over the top of the battery only without running the tape under the chassis, allowing increased flex of the chassis and as such helps to generate more traction. Thanks to the chassis-free installation of the tape, the ride height of the car can be slightly decreased as there is no more tape under the chassis. 
The adjustable holder and the battery backstops are CNC-machined from lightweight aluminum and the battery holders are machined from premium lightweight graphite material.