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The new optional ECS ball-bearing driveshafts feature a new ball-bearing assembly at the inner end of the driveshaft where it inserts into the outdrive. They offer a significant performance improvement over the standard blade-type driveshafts. The friction between the driveshaft and the outdrive is greatly reduced, which gives much smoother handling especially on fast direction changes such as chicanes. The reduced friction also helps to increase cornering speeds. The new ball-bearing driveshafts must be used with optional #305138 Solid Axle ECS BB Driveshaft Adapters.

We recommend the shorter 52mm shafts for smaller, more technical tracks, where more initial steering is needed.

The 53mm shafts are best suited for more open and flowing track layouts. They will provide slightly less initial steering, but better steering in the middle of the corner, as well as on power.

Maintenance of the ball-bearing driveshafts is essential but very simple. Build them as you would your normal ECS driveshafts, but with the following addition: we recommend using Hudy Joint Grease #106213 between the small bearings and the outdrives to prolong the life of the parts.