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XRAY ULP Aluminum Shock Absorber-Set (Black) (2) - 308308-K

SKU: XRA308308-K

This is an optional XRAY T4 2020 ULP Black Aluminum Shock Absorber Set, intended for use with the T4 2020 1/10 Electric Touring Car Aluminum Chassis Kit. This set of black colored ULP shocks which lower the CG of the car even more to the absolute lowest to further improve stability. With ULP shocks the T4 stays flatter, making it easier to drive in chicanes and making it more resistant to traction rolling, letting you carry more speed through high-traction sweepers. Steering response and cornering speed are significantly improved as well.

With an intelligent design, the full range of existing XRAY SLP springs may also be used in the new ULP shocks, so you can still use the entire range of springs from previous T4 cars. The XRAY aluminum shock absorbers come with all the necessary parts to build one pair of shocks (2 shocks). Springs and shock oil are not included and must be purchased separately. Machined from quality aluminum with a stealthy black coating.